Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday funnies

Alabama has this hilarious fake Southern accent voice that she talks in. She cracks us up.
She copies different people and can sound just like them. She talks like Andy Griffith and says, "I dropped my big orange. Well, I did."

Sometimes at night, she says, "Please don't leave me in this room by myself!" Like there's something wrong with her room! ha!

She is praying for us to have two more babies. A boy and a girl. The other night this was her prayer. "Thank you Lord for my brother Pate. Help Mommy and Daddy to have another baby girl and a baby boy. Help them to have them soon. Amen." ha!

She went to a place where she could go and buy presents for her family. She told me she bought her Papa a picture frame. He's blind.

She wants a real vacuum cleaner and a Barbie that stays in the box for Christmas. She has now added a real kitty to the list. Not gonna happen.

Pate is really the charmer. He talks to people everywhere we go. He loves to play games with you. He likes for you to make funny noises at him and he will just giggle every single time. It never gets old for him! ha!

If you catch him doing something he's not supposed to, and say, Pate!, he will starting running faster to get away from you!

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