Friday, July 6, 2012

Alabama Tour Guide

Alabama has grown so much lately I feel like. I don't know if it's because I see her with Pate now or the fact that she has literally grown like 6 inches since January and her hair is so super long and she wears size 4 clothes now!
 She has so many different names that she makes up for us and her baby dolls every day. I wish I could remember them all....I'll try to write them down! It can be as random as whatever she is looking at (Microwave!) or lots of times we just go by "Sister." She told my Granny today that she is going to have two sisters and she wants to name them Ashley and Button. (I really like Button!) So we decided to name the giant, life-size porcelain doll that sits on my Granny's couch Ashley. I guess she gets the name thing honest, I wanted my sister to be named Alicia Putty. Too bad Mama and Daddy decided on Alicia Katherine. Putty has a much better ring to it.
Her favorite show in the world is now Duck Dynasty. She especially loves the "one with the little girls".
She ends up in our room almost every night. She has a semi-permanent "pallett" in the floor.
She crossed a huge hurdle in her life and petted my mother in law's dog, Lucy, on Sunday. Major.
I don't see eating at a Hibachi Japanese restaurant any time in our forseeable future. Fire and Alabama....not the best of friends.
She was pretending to be Jenna the other day and it's so cute when she calls you "Sweetheart." As in, "Now, sweetheart, it's going to be okay." "Come here sweetheart." It's so funny the little things she picks up on.
She calls yogurt "yo-gret" and regular is "reg-a-lee".
She prays the sweetest prayers. The other week she prayed this funny one: "Thank you Lord for this good day. Help this food taste yummy. Amen. "
Love her!

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