Thursday, June 28, 2012

8 months

Pate, you are eight months old now. You weigh 21 pounds and wear a size 4 diaper and are about to out grow your size 9 month clothes. You are into everything and are such a curious boy! You crawl on your hands and knees and pull up on furniture and toys. You make a bee line for Bamas room every chance you get. You have this little mischievous grin you do when you know you're not supposed to do something. You are so stinking' cute and are so much fun! I love playing games with you like peek a boo! You give high fives and will sometimes wave bye. You eat lots of foods and seem to enjoy them all. You took your first trip to the beach this past weekend and you were a little unsure of the water but had the best time playing in the sand. You love your Daddy and get so excited when comes home. You almost need a hair cut because your hair is sooo long! You are still waking up one or two times at night and still have no teeth. I love you soooo much Usry Pate Smelts and am so happy and proud to be your Mama!

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