Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pate, you are 5 months! You weigh about 18 pounds and are wearing mostly size 6-9 month and 6 month clothes. You wear a size 3 diaper and a size 2 shoe. You are just a happy, sweet baby! We love you so much and you bring so much joy to our life! You are just starting to sit up on your own now without falling over! Such a big boy!! You drool a lot and chew on everything, I keep checking for teeth but still none! You sleep on your stomach most of the time and sleep just about every time we get into the car. You are still waking up once at night. Your favorite toys are your Sophie giraffe, your mouse, and you love to play in the exersaucer and walk around with it. You love to turn the pages in the books we read and of course chew on them if you get a chance! ha! A funny thing you do is splash and splash when you get in the tub! It is hilarious! You love Alabama so much and she is great at making you laugh. You are very ticklish, especially under your neck! You talk all the time and it's so funny how much you even sound like your sister when she was a baby. You are reaching out and grabbing everything in your reach so we have to be careful at the table with you. You have eaten rice cereal a few times now and are still getting the hang of it.  I'm so blessed and honored to be your Mama!

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