Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thomson Christmas Parade 2009

Last Sunday, we went to the Christmas parade in Thomson. I was in the parade for so many years and it is fun to go see the band, the "Sparklers", the horses, Santa, the Shriners cars, and the "cars-that-their-owners-think-are-parade-worthy-but-aren't"!!! ha

Of course, it was Alabama's first parade and she was really interested and loved looking at everything go by. We had a very good spot and got to sit on the tailgate of Adam's truck. When we were little, if we weren't in the parade, we would eat lunch after church at KFC and then park in their parking lot to watch. This year, we met Leslie, Tommy, Katie, Emma, and Annalise and had them come sit with us. We helped them get the candy before the nutcase/drunk mom/weirdo and her daughter beside us took it all!

We told Alabama all the things she would be doing in the parade as she gets older. "Look, there's where you'll ride when you're THS Homecoming Queen, Alabama."

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